HiSee Javadocs

HiSee is a tool for visualizing high-dimensional datasets.


org.hisee.core Core projection engine of HiSee, including separate classes for each projection method.
org.hisee.graphics The graphics package contains code for displaying the data and handling other GUI-related processes.
org.hisee.resource The resource package contains images used by HiSee and a helper class for accessing those images.


HiSee is a tool for visualizing high-dimensional datasets. HiSee projects high-dimensional data to (currently) two dimensions using one of a variety of projection techniques. By comparing the way different projection algorithms present a dataset the user can gain a qualitative understanding of that data. Special tools allow users to emphasize specific regions of the dataset. HiSee can be used as a standalone application or as a component in other programs which generate high dimensional data in real-time. Algorithms for fast addition of new datapoints are included. The program is written in Java and is open source.

for more information see hisee.sourceforge.net